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Who I am

I am a father, a husband, a friend. A human walking through life as a Black Man in America. I enjoy making music when the mood strikes, writing, or creating in whatever form the vibe brings.

I've become pretty proficient at building out spaces in Notion for myself, individuals and organizations. I'm passionate about showing individuals and teams how to optimize their workflow and turn chaotic dreams into vivid reality.

I'm also a political organizer, it is my mission in life to do my part in fighting to make whole the descendants of slaves who built this country and have yet to be repaid. I have spent the last few years dedicating my time to that fight as a co-founder of the former ADOS-NYC, founding member of the National Assembly of American Slavery Descendants, founding member of "The Freedmen Project" & Co-Host of the Black Civics Podcast.


Browse my site 430.co to find useful resources on productivity, mental-health & wellness, personal organization, and what I like to call "Dream Building" for both individuals and teams. Here you will find links to my blog, weekly podcast, Notion resources, and consulting service. In addition you will find the Four30Club, an exclusive members-only support group for black men.

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