A New Start
A New Start

A New Start


A few days ago was searching for a meeting space in the city on the Peerspace website. This wasn't my first time on the site but it was my first time going all the way through with the booking process. Peerspace recommends that you upload a profile picture so that the person renting the space knows who you are. I get it, same process on AirBnb. When you are allowing other people into your space you want to see who they are.

So I said "Fuck it" and pulled up the photos on my phone. I knew I had quite a few selfies accumulated over the last year or so. Moreover, I wanted to find one smiling because you know... the angry Black Man vibe often closes white doors.

Scroll, scroll, scroll. About three minutes go by and I realize I don't have not one single picture of myself smiling in my entire photo gallery. Not a single one. Now true, I did pure and backup my old pictures about a year ago but damn, thats a whole year without one smile caught on camera. I feel like that means something 🤷🏾‍♂️.

Maybe I'm looking to deep into it, I just didnt have that many reasons to take selfies this past year. I can't help the feeling though that maybe I'm not the only one. 2020 was a lot, and for many it was a year that smiles were hard to come by. Pain, loneliness and loss were ripe for harvest on a daily basis.

Bad day, bad month, bad year eventually though it passes. It doesn't necessarily pass because the conditions drastically change. It passes because we adjust. We go on living and eventually we find peace and solace in the small blessings present in our new normal.

I'm still here. I have the opportunity to make the best of this next year. So here's a smile.

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